the Man from Nowhere

from by Stay Fubar



Verse 1:
If this was my last note for some reason,
I want everyone to know it's okay.
I love everyone that cared about me.
Better now than on judgement day

Oh, I was a bother to everyone I know
I apologize that I couldn’t feel better bout it.
I'm such a bloodsucker, I tore you away.

Chorus 2:
Turn the clocks back to when I had more
Had more to live for, had more to fight for
Turn around and what do you see
I see the shadow of death running behind me

All the stories of heartache and torture
Have made me long for the better.
The future is the only thing I can see
the shadow of death was never behind me

Verse 2:
I love you all for that but I know that this pit in my stomach
will never fill, it won’t ever fill

I used up everyone I know and I'm sorry you couldn’t stay
I only did that in hopes that maybe you would
since I could never figure out how to do that on my own.
I hope no matter what that all of you find the happiness you want.

Because you all deserve it.
I hope that’s what you get from this.

Verse 3:
It's not that I never fulfilled myself
or that you couldn't stop this from happening.
It was always bound to happen
and it was up to me

I need to satisfy myself

I'll be content when you find the happiness and love you deserve. I apologize I couldn't be there when you needed it and for whenever you would need me now. I'll always listen when you speak even after. I'll always listen.

I won’t apologize, for what I think is mine
You and I are alive, until the day we die
I won’t apologize, for what I think is mine
You and I are alive, we will never die

I will never die


from Pandæmonium EP, released March 10, 2015



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Stay Fubar Louisville, Kentucky

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