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Are you excited? Do you feel free?
I need another hit, cause I don't like being me

Verse 1
I don't know how to sense my emotions
I only know what's wrong and what I want to hurt
I've lost any sense of what is self control
Banging my head against the wall, when will I fold?

I have five senses to know whats right and real
But none of them can tell me how I feel
My mind is lost in the darkness inside my head
I'm just an empty shell My soul is fucking dead

Breakdown 1:
Let me take a hit, just one more line
Just give me time, I'll be fine
I want to take away the pain I feel inside

Not my addiction, just my paradise
I give it all up to feel for just one night
They didn't tell me bout the consequence and pain I would receive
You can't ever tell me what the fuck I really need

I just couldn't resist it, it should make you happy
That’s how it works, how it should have worked
I take a hit, sit back, enjoy the ride
I would have never ever thought that I’d ever cross the line

Verse 2:
I don't know how to control myself
All I know is that I need a cure
If there ever was a day that I had lost it all
It would be when I never got up from the fucking fall

Tell me why I shouldn’t do this
Bang it in my head that I have more
Don’t ever stop reminding me what I have to fight for
Cause all I remember is pain I had before

I wanted everything, I got the world in my fingertips
I see things brighter than I ever did before
I wanted one line, I needed comfort
This time I’ll never have to break this habit

The anguish, the sadness, it overcomes me
I feel it, I need it, it defines me
As a person or creature living on this earth
I belong everywhere 6 feet under dirt

Is it pathetic for me, to take a drug to make me feel
something more than what I feel everyday


from Pandæmonium EP, released March 10, 2015



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Stay Fubar Louisville, Kentucky

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