Pandæmonium EP

by Stay Fubar

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released March 10, 2015

Songs written by Anthony Tran, Robbie Valdez, Andrew Hurt, & Matlyn Chism
Produced, mixed, mastered by Jake Bryant []



all rights reserved


Stay Fubar Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: War
Verse 1:
I’ve had to struggle for years to make a name for myself
Put down by the likes of you
You treaded on thin ice for far too long now
It’s time for you to burn

Bring the guns, bring the pills, and it’s time for a thrill
Put you down, to the ground, where you’ll never be found
all the shame and the pain, and they think I'm insane
but I have myself to blame

I Will Fight. To the very end
I Will fight till my last breath

Oh! Look away for second and you’ll be done
All that fear inside, throw it away
Lose yourself in the chaos
Everybody else is lost

Got to be better than this, go to be better than you
I’ve gotta show you what I can do
Got to be better than this, go to be better than you
It’s a war (it’s a war)
And it’s all on you

Verse 2:
I’ve had to struggle for years with the other man inside
I think I’m going mad
Trying to sleep is such a struggle
when will it be my turn

Grab a drink, grab a bong, grab whatever is close
I need to fall asleep
Skip ahead, to the end, gun at the end of my bed
Shoot myself dead

In my mind
I need to keep telling myself, I’ll be fine

Look away for second and you’ll be done
All that fear inside, throw it away
Lose yourself in the chaos
Everybody else is lost

Track Name: Molly
Are you excited? Do you feel free?
I need another hit, cause I don't like being me

Verse 1
I don't know how to sense my emotions
I only know what's wrong and what I want to hurt
I've lost any sense of what is self control
Banging my head against the wall, when will I fold?

I have five senses to know whats right and real
But none of them can tell me how I feel
My mind is lost in the darkness inside my head
I'm just an empty shell My soul is fucking dead

Breakdown 1:
Let me take a hit, just one more line
Just give me time, I'll be fine
I want to take away the pain I feel inside

Not my addiction, just my paradise
I give it all up to feel for just one night
They didn't tell me bout the consequence and pain I would receive
You can't ever tell me what the fuck I really need

I just couldn't resist it, it should make you happy
That’s how it works, how it should have worked
I take a hit, sit back, enjoy the ride
I would have never ever thought that I’d ever cross the line

Verse 2:
I don't know how to control myself
All I know is that I need a cure
If there ever was a day that I had lost it all
It would be when I never got up from the fucking fall

Tell me why I shouldn’t do this
Bang it in my head that I have more
Don’t ever stop reminding me what I have to fight for
Cause all I remember is pain I had before

I wanted everything, I got the world in my fingertips
I see things brighter than I ever did before
I wanted one line, I needed comfort
This time I’ll never have to break this habit

The anguish, the sadness, it overcomes me
I feel it, I need it, it defines me
As a person or creature living on this earth
I belong everywhere 6 feet under dirt

Is it pathetic for me, to take a drug to make me feel
something more than what I feel everyday
Track Name: Leave Me
Enter the hallow grave
And wash away, the pain

Breathe me in, push me outside
It's not enough to know that you don't care
It’s more than I can bare

Leave me to die
Let me burn in our old memories
Leave me to die
Let it all waste my soul away

Always surrounded by those who claim to care
Who really cares at all
When there’s something for them to stare

The ocean drowns my heart aside
As it pulls my body under
I see you watch from the shore
I don't think I can take anymore

Not anymore, my soul is long gone.
Without your embrace!

Leave me to die
Let me burn in our old memories
Leave me to die
Let it all drain my soul away

I've come so far, from what I used to be
We've come so far, how could you give it up so easily

How could you leave so easily?
Track Name: the Man from Nowhere
Verse 1:
If this was my last note for some reason,
I want everyone to know it's okay.
I love everyone that cared about me.
Better now than on judgement day

Oh, I was a bother to everyone I know
I apologize that I couldn’t feel better bout it.
I'm such a bloodsucker, I tore you away.

Chorus 2:
Turn the clocks back to when I had more
Had more to live for, had more to fight for
Turn around and what do you see
I see the shadow of death running behind me

All the stories of heartache and torture
Have made me long for the better.
The future is the only thing I can see
the shadow of death was never behind me

Verse 2:
I love you all for that but I know that this pit in my stomach
will never fill, it won’t ever fill

I used up everyone I know and I'm sorry you couldn’t stay
I only did that in hopes that maybe you would
since I could never figure out how to do that on my own.
I hope no matter what that all of you find the happiness you want.

Because you all deserve it.
I hope that’s what you get from this.

Verse 3:
It's not that I never fulfilled myself
or that you couldn't stop this from happening.
It was always bound to happen
and it was up to me

I need to satisfy myself

I'll be content when you find the happiness and love you deserve. I apologize I couldn't be there when you needed it and for whenever you would need me now. I'll always listen when you speak even after. I'll always listen.

I won’t apologize, for what I think is mine
You and I are alive, until the day we die
I won’t apologize, for what I think is mine
You and I are alive, we will never die

I will never die
Track Name: God is Dead
I am chaos

Break me down, drown out the sound
I am the one whom you should've believed.
I am your pleasure,I am your pain,
I'd say you should run but it would be too late.

I never thought I'd ever see you again, then you came back in my life, but less as a friend
Give me a chance, i'm begging you please don’t go, but i know at this point I’m at a new low
it’s not my life, i’m just a status quo,
crucify me or leave me afloat or I’ll
break myself or kill myself
cause I don’t really give a fuck

.... Is this what is meant to be?
Maybe it’s what I choose to believe
to fix your life or settle yourself
come back to what humans should be

I know what I want, I know how to get it out of you
I know what I want, the last thing you wanna see is that I know
there's nothing good for you

There’s nothing left to say, I’m not willing to play
All these games, taking chances with your life
You don’t wanna lose? There’s nothing good for you
I won’t answer your prayers, I am your God.

I am your pleasure, I am your pain
I am the one who has never come clean
I am the only winner in this fucked up game